MJE's steel & engineering related products are introduced in detail.

OTHERS (Other Steel-Related Handling Equipment)

Coil Packing Line

Overall Drawing

Characteristics of Steel Coil Packaging Line

1. The entire line can be operatec with a small number of people with the robot automation pakaging facility applide for all the processes.
2. It is possible to realize the steel coil packaging automation line for smart concept in perparation for the 4th Industrial Revolution.
3. It can provide the "total solution" of cutting-edge steel packaging line adopted by a new concept of our individual technology.

Major Facilities

Marking Machine

Overall Drawing

Types of Markers

7 Dot Marker

Pen Marker

Side Color Marker

Back-up Roll

Product Description

We are proud to be authorized by Sinomach to lead the development and manufacturing of Back-Up Roll (BUR) technology. Our commitment to innovation has been unwavering since the 1980s, during which we successfully developed and produced BURs weighing over 100 tons.

As we moved into the 21st century, MJE introduced the Cr2, Cr3, Cr4, and Cr5 series of BUR materials. These materials, all featuring independent intellectual property rights, meet the rigorous demands of modern rolling technology and continue to be in use today.

In recent years, our research and development efforts have focused on the Cr8 BURs, which offer superior wear resistance and anti-fatigue spalling properties. We have now mastered the material properties of Cr10 BURs and are actively seeking manufacturers for trial production.

Main Parts Details