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Korea has developed its share of steel industry during the last half of the century and is on the verge of rapid advancement.

The Korean steel industry has evolved to an impressive degree, domesticating the manufacturing equipment previously dependent on technology abroad.

With its development of equipment manufacturing technology for steel products and the accumulated know-how, Korea is leading the steel industry worldwide.

MJE Co.,Ltd. is a firm which sells and exports to its clientele the hot roll products and cold roll products (Picking Line(PL), Continuous Galvanizing Line(CGL), Color Coating Line(CCL), Recoiling Line(RCL)) producing line by process, among the production equipment by which steel factories manufacture steel products.

We make custom made products suitable for the client’s factories or make orders for outsource production plants.

MJE sells examined high quality steel manufacturing equipment for better quality steel products to foreign and domestic steel companies.

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MAR. ~ Preparing for Filing of Patent

MAY. Certification of venture Firm


JAN. Advent of MJE Seoul Office (Management, Sales)

MAR. Acknowledgement of Dedicate Department for Research Development

MAY. Expansion of Main Location (Namgu Haedo Dong Pohang Si Northern Kyeongsang province)

AUG. MJE Plant renting and registration in Seongsu Business District


Transition of MJE’s Main Location to (Namgu Haedo Dong Pohang Si Northern Kyeongsang province)


Transition of MJE's Seoul Office Location to (400-4 Beonji Koogil building #403 Kiheung Gu, Yongin, Kyeongi Province)